Watch Detects Wi-Fi Signal Strength

December 19, 2007


They're already selling a Wi-Fi detecting shirt, and now Thinkgeek is bringing the technology from chest to wrist with a Wi-Fi detecting watch. The unit costs $30 and will give you a signal strength read-out from 0 to 8 with the push of a button. It also works as a watch, alarm, and calendar. And to prove it's watch functionality, just look at the two pictures there. Notice anything? They were taken 6 minutes and 36 seconds apart! Hmm, I guess that doesn't really prove the watch works, just that the time can change. I really need to work on my logic. It's like the time I told my girlfriend if my breath didn't smell like liquor there is absolutely no way I could be drunk. She totally bought it until she found the turkey baster I'd been using to shoot gin up my ass.

wi-fi detector watch finds free signals [technabob]

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