Vivid Audio G1 Giya Speakers Are Confused

December 28, 2007


Vivid Audio's new G1 Giya speakers were recently unveiled, and as you can see, they look ridiculous. They stand 5 1/2 feet tall, weigh 154 pounds each, and are capable of handling frequencies between 23Hz and 44kHz with 800-watts of power. They also come with automotive paint finishes and cost $54,000. Proving beyond a doubt the damn speakers think they're cars. They're both painted and priced like them, so it's no wonder the poor bastards are so confused. And as much as I would love to own them, I don't exactly live in a magic lamp and grant wishes. Okay fine, I do grant wishes. But only ones that have to do with me and hot chicks getting it on. And even those aren’t so much wishes as they are wet dreams I have.

Vivid Audio's G1 Giya speaker: suitable for a prince... or Prince [engadget]

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