Virtual Cable Navagation Systems Is Neat

December 18, 2007


Making Virtual Solid is a New Jersey company working on a product called Virtual Cable. It's a car navigation system that uses "a laser, a set of lenses, and a moving mirror mounted in the dashboard to project a 3D route-guidance line above the road ahead, as though it's actually out in front of the driver." Pretty freaking neat. It's like your car is following a red line from heaven. And hopefully that line leads straight to a seedy strip-joint, because, well, that's where I want to go. The company says the system will "cost somewhere around $400 as a factory-installed option, and can be easily interfaced with existing GPS systems."

This is the technology of the future people. I'm tired of my old screen-based GPS navigation system. It's like playing a video game -- a very un-fun video game where the object is getting to your grandmother's house for Christmas. Despite my best efforts to liven up the gameplay by running over a few street vendors, it was still lame.

Three video mock-ups of what it'll be like after the speedbump. Note: This means they're not real, just what the system will look like.

Virtual Cable nav system superimposes route guidance on your windshield in 3D [engadget]

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