Vacuum + Broom = Vacuum Broom, Wow!

December 11, 2007


The Vacuum Broom from designer Wilson Song is the lovechild of a vacuum and broom that were locked in the same closet overnight. I heard a mop insisted on a threesome but they wouldn't have it. Anyways, the hollow broom bristles have suction ducts inside that allow for the vacuuming of small particulate, while the unit also acts as a traditional broom, sweeping larger debris into the dustpan. Interesting concept, but I question how well it would work. Although I don't really care. I don't clean floors, that's the maid's (read: wife's) job. Ha, ha, just kidding honey. No but seriously make sure the house is clean and dinner is on the table when I get home.

Two more close-ups after the jump.



A Sucky Broom [yankodesign]

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