USB Batteries Are USB Rechargeable

December 14, 2007


We posted about the USBCELL batteries before, and now they're available for purchase. USBCELL is a product line by Moxia Energy that features USB rechargeable batteries. Right now the company only has AAs for sale, but 9Vs are coming soon, along with cell phone and device batteries. The AAs are $17.49 for a two pack, or $160 for twenty. Pretty expensive, but I like the idea. I want some, but I'm going to hold out until they're a bit cheaper. I just don't have $18 to spend on batteries right now -- I already owe my parents $60 in rent. Which is pretty f***ed up, charging your own son rent. So what if I'm 30, I'm still trying to find myself. Say, maybe I'm in this bong. *bubble, bubble, hack, cough* Nope, not there. "WHAT DO YOU WANT MOM? NO I'M NOT SMOKING IN THE HOUSE. SHUT UP! I RENT THIS DAMN ATTIC, I CAN DO WHAT I WANT! I KNOW I'M LATE ON RENT, IT'S COMING. LEAVE ME ALONE!"


thanks to Anexio, who needs no recharging to pleasure the ladies, for the tip

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