TwistTogether Lamps Look Pretty Okay

December 7, 2007


TwistTogether lamps twist together. Each brick has several twist-together points and can be attached to one another in a variety of different positions. You can connect as many sets together as you want. The company is releasing wall mounts, shelving modules, and a bunch of other exciting new accessories for the line soon. A set comes with four bricks and costs $109. Which is a little steep for a lamp. But what the hell, Christmas is coming. I'm going to get some for the kids' room. Wait, no, I remodeled that room. Now it's my porn palace and LEGO modeling area. Well, I'll still get some for the kids anyways. I reckon their shed out back needs some light.

Please note: The geekologie writer does not have any kids. And if he did they wouldn't live in a shed. That would be cruel to a child. That's why their mother would live there.

Video of lots of lamp twisting action after the jump.

TwistTogether Lamps: Now Available [ohgizmo]

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