Suit Washes Clean In The Shower, Hot Damn!

December 27, 2007


The Konaka Shower Clean Suit is a business suit that washes clean in the shower. It then takes two hours to hang dry (no ironing) and it's ready to wear again. The incredible innovation behind the suit comes from Australian Wool Innovation Limited, a group who focuses their efforts on the application of new technology to wool products. The clothing line is dropping in February for both men and women, and suits will go for $260 - $492. Now I hate to divulge the secret behind the suit, but I'll give you a hint as to how it works -- it's a black garbage bag that looks like a suit. There, the cat's out of the bag. I went and did it didn't I? I sure did. I am such a naughty boy. Which kind of explains the lack of presents from Santa this year. Apparently he didn't read my last letter. I swear I'm starting to hate that fat bastard.

Japanese Salarymen Acquire new weapon: The Konaka Shower Clean Suit [dvice]

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