Star Wars AT-AT Wins Modeling Contest

December 11, 2007


Dimitri Kaliviotis made a badass AT-AT model that recently won a "wreck" themed modeling contest. As you can see, the 1/32 scale AT-AT has certainly seen better days.

This entry is a heavily modified ATATRON kit. The ATATRON kit is a garage kit which is not commercially available but a few models have been made over the years. I managed to get hold of one because I was commissioned to put some finishing touches on the prototype model and to make the molds for it, so later I was given one of the castings as a “bonus gift”. However the ATATRON I got was one containing mostly reject cast pieces. So Instead of repairing the reject/miscasts I decided to use those imperfections in my favor.

I too use my imperfections in my favor. Instead of being bummed out about how ugly I am and crying about the face God gave me, I turned the situation around and got a great gig scaring kids in the "Haunted House of Disfigured Freaks" at the county fair. I get $5.50 an hour too. Here's to living the high life!

A TON more pictures after the jump, because I'm sure you've all been good girls and boys this year.








Awesome Star Wars Model: Abandoned AT-AT Walker [geekalerts]

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