Smart Beer Coasters Aren't That Smart

December 12, 2007


A company called Sentilla came up with the idea for these "Smart Coasters". What makes them smart you ask?

The coasters know when a drink is placed on top of them and when it is removed.
The coasters can blink in different ways depending on the amount of beverage remaining.
The coasters notify each other when new things occur (a drink is placed on them, removed, etc).
The coasters provide "visual feedback" using lights embedded within them.
The coasters are wirelessly interconnected.

They're not for sale, but you can build them yourself using the little pervasive computer that Sentilla has available. No word on the cost, but they're probably more expensive than setting your drink on a magazine. Allegedly the coasters have been used to create a whole bunch of new drinking games. My favorite of which is Epileptic Seizure. Basic gameplay consists of falling off your barstool and convulsing on the floor like a fish out of water. Fun.

Video of a seizure waiting to happen after the jump.

"Smart" Beer Coasters Provide New Drinking Game Ideas! [inventorspot]

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