Shotgun Blasted Cell Phone Sells On eBay

December 28, 2007


Take a Nokia E90 cell phone, add one 12 gauge shotgun blast, throw that bitch up on eBay and what do you get? Apparently $20.50. The description of the "for parts ONLY" phone follows.

The unfortunate victim of a negligent discharge from a 12 Gauge Shotgun loaded with 00 Buckshot. Fortunately no one was hurt.

My Loss and Stupidity is Your Gain!

Half of the phone is still intact. Neither screen survived, however the camera, Front Keypad, SIM and Mini SD reader and part of the plastics are still intact.

The phone is being sold AS IS. Obviously it Does NOT work or power on!

Battery and Battery Cover are NOT included.

As soon as I read this story I started shooting cellphones and selling them on eBay. I'm gonna be rich. Unfortunately I'm also going to be disabled, because I forgot to take a phone out of my pocket before shooting it. Can you sell human legs on eBay?

Two more pictures of the mutilated phone after the blast.



eBay Auction via Gizmodo

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