'Robot Guitar' Doesn't Need You To Tune It

December 6, 2007


Gibson's Limited Edition First Run of their 'Robot Guitar' drops tomorrow at select locations (10 per store). The guitar tunes itself. That's what it does. It's a self tuning guitar. It's got a little CPU and can tune itself with its "Powerhead Locking Tuners". I couldn't find a price on the bastard, but I didn't try very hard. Someone be a good samaritan and inform everyone of that when you find out. I for one am not really digging the idea of a self tuning guitar. I feel like tuning the damn thing is all part of becoming one with your instrument and being a musician. Can you call yourself a guitarist and not tune your guitar? Can I call myself a sex machine and not know where my penis goes?

Another picture of the robot after the strum.



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