Reebok Voltron Inspired Shoes Are Colorful

December 19, 2007


Reebok has released a line of limited edition Voltron inspired shoes. If you don't know who Voltron is then I don't know if we can be friends anymore. The Voltron Lion Force Pack is a line of shoes "whose colorways correspond to one of the five Voltron robots." Three of them are Reebok Pumps, which I'm stoked are still being made, and the others are regular running shoes. They run between $80 and $135 based on which model you choose, and each pair comes with the robot lion toy their colors match. Damn these take me back -- I hadn't thought about Voltron in forever. Or at least not since last night when I was playing with all the toys before bed. They tried to recall them back in 1986 for containing unsafe amounts of lead paint, but I refused to return them. I'd licked most of the paint off by then anyways.

Voltron Reeboks Unite Like Robot, But Form Messy Pile [gizmodo]

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