Recycled Computer Ornaments Are Geeky

December 3, 2007


These CD and Circuit Board Christmas Tree Decorations are just the thing to show your eco-friendly, geeky side this holiday season.

Decorate your Christmas tree with these funky and good looking hanging decorations made from recycled circuit boards and recycled CDs, that would otherwise have been thrown away. The shiny sides and metal bits will catch the light, and they’ll look great on your tree, under all your (low energy) lights.

The only thing is that prices start at $6, which is pretty steep for would-be garbage. And this explains why my wife decided to make some herself. Unfortunately she used the motherboard for my new gaming rig and all my backup CDs. Which is why I'm making a rug for the garage with her favorite clothes.

CD and Circuit Board Christmas Tree Decoration [geekalerts]

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