Picture And Frame Turn Into Table, Wow!

December 27, 2007


Designer Verena Lang must live in a broom closet like I do, because she's the one responsible for the space-saving PictureTable. It's a picture frame that hangs on the wall but folds out to become a table when you need a place to eat dinner. Unfortunately there are no chair fold-outs, so you may have to stand. Now not to toot my own trumpet or anything (toot-toodle-toot!), but I made one of these in college. It was a beerpong table that folded down from the wall, just like her design. Of course it didn't feature a nice piece of art or anything. No, it was mostly penis and vagina doodles done in crayon and magic marker. Although now that I think of it, that thing was a freaking masterpiece. I'm calling the Louvre.

A Table for your Pictures [yankodesign]

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