Password Undies Prevent Unwanted Entry

December 28, 2007


Password Panties are underwear that have a little password screen on the front of them. They were being sold on Etsy, but I'm pretty sure you could get creative with Photoshop and some iron-ons and make your own. Now I hate to brag about my skills in the realm of password hacking, but I am a pretty l337 hax0r. Which means I'll be in those panties in no time. And I don't mean wearing them, although I will sometimes. User Name: Geekologie Writer. Domain Name: Pretty woman at the bar. Password: Let me buy you drinks until you're wasted. Access Denied?! But I bought your drinks all night! What do you mean it takes more than just free drinks -- you prude. Thanks a lot, now i'm broke. I guess it'll be another computer pr0n night. :(

Password Panties: You better remember this login! [dvice]

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