Pac-Man Hoodie Is Gaudy, Still Totally Rad

December 21, 2007


The Pac-Man hoodie is a wearable Pac-Man maze. As you can see Pac-Man is in there, along with those bastard ghosts that are always getting in the way when he's trying to get his gobble-dot on. It costs $45 and is available at, get this, Hot Topic! Bet you weren't expecting that. Or maybe you were, what the hell do I know. Oh that's right, I know I don't shop there because it's for confused teens trying to get their parent-hating on. I have theology and geometry people, I can't be shopping there. That's why I bribed an 8th grader with two cartons of smokes and a case of beer to run in and get the sweatshirt for me while I hid around the corner at the Pretzel Palace.

pac-man maze hoodie is amazingly ugly [technabob]

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