Orbiting Fan Is Wack Looking, Okay I Think

December 17, 2007


The Brisa 2000 ceiling fan is pretty funny looking. That's because the fan actually orbits around that big sphere in the center, allowing for all kinds of air mobility! You can rotate the fan itself from straight down to straight up, depending on the season, so it's also pretty functional. It's also pretty expensive -- $1000 a pop. But you can get them in all kinds of different finishes and the company accepts custom orders as well. I actually made one myself, and it turned out surprisingly alright. It makes getting in and out of the bunk-bed a little dangerous, but if you do get hit it isn't that painful. Definitely nothing compared to the scorch of the flame-throwing bidet I made for my wife.

Two different models after the jump if you're curious.



Brisa 2000 Fan Looks Crazy, Gets the Job Done in Steampunk Style [gizmodo]

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