OLED "Star" Watch, Looks Good, I Want One

December 28, 2007


The OLED TIWE (like TIME, but with the M upside down!) watch by industrial designer Lv Zhogfang is a neat concept. It normally displays a bunch of little white balls ("stars") randomly floating around the face. But when you give it a shake or tap on the glass, PRESTO! -- the balls come together to show the time! While still in the early stages of development, it doesn't seem like it would be that difficult to manufacture. And if they're not too expensive I'd get one. It's definitely a step up from the "shake activated" watch I have now. When you shake mine the minute and hour hands come off and float around inside. It would be cool if that was supposed to happen, but it's not. Stupid Folex.

oled watch: my god, it's full of stars [technabob]

thanks to Jenny, who I'm sure is hot as hell, for the tip

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