Bolt/Screw S & P Shakers Are Clever

December 17, 2007


I see so many novelty salt and pepper shakers out there that look like ass and are expensive, but for once someone comes up with clever ones.

These Salt and Pepper shakers are definitely something different. Pick them up, turn them whatever way and shake them, and..... nothing.... Bend then shake them however, and the Salt or Pepper will be sprinkled from the gaps that will have appeared between the coils. Once you are finished the shaker will return to it's original form.

They come in stainless steel ($55) and black ($40), and are pretty neat. While I'm not really dying for oversized screw and bolt (!) salt and pepper shakers, the dispense mechanism is simple and brilliant. Until they make little robot ones I'm sticking to the shakers I stole from Burger King -- they have sentimental value. It all started when I ordered a Whopper with cheese and the stupid bastard gave me a fish sandwich. After I finished dipping the idiot's arm in a fryer I broke the milkshake machine and made off with the shakers and a handful of catsup packets. And that, my friends, is why you don't f*** up a customer's Whopper.

Note: To those of you that hate me now for breaking the milkshake machine, I apologize. I miss those shakes too. I was angry and I let my emotions get the best of me. I'm sorry.

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thanks to Adam, who is rich and will cook you dinner if you're a beautiful woman, for the tip

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