Mondo Spider Walking Robot Will Crush You

December 21, 2007

Inspired by Vancouver Junkyard wars, some guys got together and built the Mondo Spider, a 1,500 lb walking robotic spider. Apparently the thing has been around for a little while, as it was displayed at Burning Man (see video on next page). When asked why they built the unit the man in the video says "It" He quickly realizes this is a stupid answer and throws in a "We did it because we could!" Ah yes, the old "because we could" . One of my favorite answers to any question. Why did I build I shoot my neighbor in the ass with a BB gun when he wasn’t looking? "Because I could." Why did I videotape the dog humping the cat? "Because I could." Why did I staple my balls to the carpet in the living room? "Wait, why did I staple my balls to the carpet in the living room?"

Another video of the Spider running along at Burning Man after the jump.

Mondo Spider, An Amazing 8 Leg Robotic Walking Machine [laughingsquid]

A big thanks to S. Keller and Ben Hur for the tips

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