Mobile Notetaker Digitizes Your Analog Notes

December 13, 2007


The Mobile Notetaker attaches to the top of any pad of paper and digitizes your notes for download to a computer later (and translated to editable text). It can store up to 50 standard pages of notes or doodles, and costs $170. It's aimed at solving the same problem of analog vs. digital notes that the FLY Fusion Pentop Computer is attempting. I need one, because I take really good notes at meetings with my boss. Okay, they're more like drawings. My latest is called "Mr. Abelman gets an arrow in his head and squirts blood everywhere". It's a picture of my boss, Mr. Abelman, with an arrow in his head and blood going everywhere. It really got me into creating art around the office to brighten the place up. Unfortunately I got fired when I was caught working on another art project of mine. It was a rather brilliant performance piece I came up with entitled "Me boning the secretary on the boss's desk during his lunch break". Turns out he hadn't gone to lunch yet, just the bathroom.

Thinkgeek Now Selling This Mobile Notetaker [ohgizmo]

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