Man Plays 'Jingle Bells' On Graphics Card

December 24, 2007

Well tomorrow is Christmas folks. And that means different things to different people. For me it means drinking until my hands turn blue and I try to make out with my sister. Maybe it means something different to you. To get you all in the spirit I'm posting this video of Alessandro Bordin playing 'Jingle Bells' on the heat sink of his graphics card. Enjoy.

Everybody have a good Christmas and hopefully you'll be opening lots of gadgets, gizmos, and awesome tomorrow. If you don't get what you want just get drunk off the nog and start picking fights. After all, nothing says "Happy Birthday Jesus!" like taking a swing at your aunt for buying you something crappy.

Merry Christmas, see you all on Wednesday.

Guy Plays Jingle Bells with Graphics Card [techeblog]

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