Luxury Airship Filled With Helium, Rich People

December 24, 2007


The 'Manned Cloud' airship is being produced, and could be operational by next year. The helium filled craft is going to have 60 hotel rooms, cruise at 173mph, and travel the globe on non-stop 3 day journeys. No word on how much a trip will be, but I imagine in the ‘expensive as hell’ range. Not that I'd ever get on that thing. Helium, while an inert gas, still scares the shit out of me. I mean think what it does to your voice. You want to ride an airship filled with the gas that makes you talk like you just got kicked in the nuts? I think not. If there's one thing I learned in high school chemistry it's this: eyebrows take forever to grow back.

'Manned Cloud' Airship, Around the World in Three Days [gizmodo]

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