Liquor Lock Protects Your Precious Booze

December 19, 2007


The Liquor Lock is a little $15 combination lock that's supposed to protect your stash of the good stuff from others. Unfortunately the thing works on the premise of an expanding stopper, which makes me wonder just how safe your booze really is. I do like the idea though, because many a party I've thrown only to find some dick has been sneaking into my hidden bourbon stash. That’s why now I lock all the good stuff in a safe and fill a couple of top-shelf bottles with bleach and hide them in a cabinet. Not only is my bourbon safe, but the jerks who snoop around for the good stuff end up drinking bleach. It's win-win. Me: 1 and very drunk, Thieving bastards: 0 and very dead.

Liquor Lock puts a halt to theiving partygoers [dvice]

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