Liquid Sculptures Are Amazing To Look At

December 4, 2007


Martin Waugh's Liquid Sculptures are actually "high-resolution photographs taken at high speeds." And damn are they mesmerizing to look at.

I orchestrate these sculptures by accurately aiming the drops and releasing them with precise timing. As nature takes its course, I photograph the unfolding forms using a digital camera and electronic flash. I instigate the myriad of shapes by varying the drops' trajectories and manipulating their physical properties. Color, viscosity, and surface tension are controlled with dye, glycerin, and soap.

Pretty cool stuff he's creating. I can't stop staring at them and I'm not even that high. Fine, I'm high as hell. Dude, did anybody else just hear that? Sounded like a rocket ship landing in the backyard. Holy hell, a rocket ship just landed in the backyard! Dude, now there's a woolly mammoth screwing it. Wow, he's destroying that thing. The bug-eyed spacemen inside are freaking out. Oh shit here comes a saber-tooth tiger. Damn this is some good shit, I'm getting hungry again. I hope that saber-tooth leaves some mammoth for me.

A ton more pictures after the jump, but make sure to check out his gallery linked at the bottom.








Martin Waugh's Gallery via core77

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