It's About Time: Personal Nuclear Reactors

December 20, 2007


Similar to those used on nuclear submarines, the Toshiba-made Micro Nuclear Reactor is a personal power plant for your house/neighborhood. It's 20' x 6', about 100 times smaller than a typical reactor, making it a "fun-size" power generator -- like those little candy bars.

The 200 kilowatt Toshiba designed reactor is engineered to be fail-safe and totally automatic and will not overheat … The whole process is self sustaining and can last for up to 40 years, producing electricity for only 5 cents per kilowatt hour.

I dont' know if 5 cents per kilowatt hour is a good deal or not because I steal electricity from my elderly neighbors, but I imagine it is since they're bragging about it. The first unit is being installed in Japan in 2008 and if regulation allows (read: get freaking real) they'll be available in the U.S. in 2009. Just like the larger penis the drugs I take promise, I don't plan on seeing this in my lifetime.

Power your home with a mini nuclear reactor. No, really. [dvice]

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