Interactive Cooling Fan Art Exhibit Is Neat

December 14, 2007


Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde has created a piece of art that would give the guy responsible for this thing a raging boner. The piece is entitled Flow 5.0.

Flow 5.0 is an interactive landscape made out of hundreds of fans which reacts to your sound and motion. By walking and interacting the visitor creates an illusive landscape of transparencies and artificial wind.

Basically the fans adjust their direction and speed based on your movements around them, making for a very cool experience (!). It's on display until January 3rd in Ljubljana, Slovenia at the Kapelica Gallery. If anyone goes or has seen it, feel free to let us know how it is. I won't be able to make it, so I'll just have to settle for my own fan art, which are pictures of me that my adoring fans have sent in. Like this one, from Shirley Stevenson, age 8, of Dayton, OH. It's a crayon picture of she and I hanging out on the playground. Very well done Shirley, but from the look of your drawing, you could afford to lose some weight. Get to the gym and draw me another picture in 10 years, when you're not such a little piglet.

Two more pictures and a cool (!, I did it again) video after the breeze.



hundreds of box fans as interactive art [technabob]

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