Huge Tetris Game Played On Dorm Building

December 7, 2007

Large tetris games have been seen here before, but this one is actually real. The old one was a bunch of Russian students (probably drunk on potato vodka) running around their dorm flipping lights on and off. This one was actually programmed professionally and is being played by a person on a cell phone. It's called the Mikontalo Lights Project and was "created by the students of Tampere University of Technology in Finland to gain global visibility for the university and highlight its rich student culture." Now I'm not totally sure how this is displaying a "rich student culture". I could think of better ways of displaying a rich student culture. Like, oh, I don't know, a chili eating contest.

UPDATE: It turns out the video is so damn shaky because the crazy bastard filming has it attached to his head. There's another video of Space Invaders being played after the jump.

Mikontalo Lights @ Tampere University of Technology [core77]

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