Home Theater Features Terminator Theme

December 13, 2007


We've seen Star Wars and Star Trek themed home theaters in the past, and now comes a Terminator one. Darren Mortenson put this all together himself, and allegedly on "a reasonable budget". The picture there shows a television, but there's also a projector so he can watch movies at a cool 159" (see other pictures). Doing all the work himself even scored him CEDIA installer certification. Not too bad Darren, now come over and hook my basement up. I want a damn home theater down there, right now it's just empty. Well, except for my wife chained between a washing machine and a stove. But maybe we could incorporate her into the theater if we went for a Star Wars "chained up Princess Leia and Jabba the Hutt" theme. She'd make a great Jabba. Now I just need an attractive chick to play Leia. Any takers ladies? *wink*

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Theater Specs:

Aura Pro-Bass Shakers (7)
B&W CC6 Front-Center Loudspeaker
B&W DM601 Rear-Center Loudspeakers (2)
B&W DM602 Main L/R Loudspeakers (2)
B&W DS6 Dipole Surround Loudspeakers (2)
B&W DS6 Dipole Surround Loudspeakers (2)
Berkline Cinema Collection 090 Seating w/Foot Lighting (7)
Da-Lite 159-inch Cosmopolitan Tensioned Screen
Hitachi 60SX10B 60-inch Rear Projection TV
JEC 7.5-inch Widescreen Color LCD
Lutron Lighting Control
Microsoft Xbox 360
Microsoft Xbox HD DVD Player
Mitsubishi HD-5000 1080p Projector
Monster HTS-2600 Home Theater Reference Power Center
Motorola HD Digital Receiver
NHT MA-1 Mono Subwoofer Amplifier
Panasonic DVD-CP72 DVD Changer
Philips Pronto Pro TSU6000 Remote
Rotel RB-1050 2-channel Amplifier
Rotel RMB-1075 5-channel Amplifier
Rotel RSP-1068 Digital Processor
SVS 20-39PC-Plus Subwoofer
Velodyne Servo F1200R Subwoofer
Wharfedale WH-2 Surround Loudspeakers (2)

Cyberdyne Cinema, I Want One of These [uberreview]

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