Home Audio Servers Feature Artistic Cases

December 6, 2007


Karim Rashid, an artist I've never heard of, was commissioned to add some flair to Olive's OPUS Nº5 Digital Audio Server '08 Edition. As you can see they're, uh, not the regular black. Well, except for the two black ones with just the top done up. Which won't be seen anyways because you'll have something stacked on it. They pack 750GB apiece and run $4,000. Obviously you could build a computer (complete with screen and remote) for way cheaper. Then you could take that computer and paint whatever the hell you wanted to on it. Like a scary zombie rising from the grave, chewing on someone's arm. Or maybe a unicorn climbing a rainbow over the moon with a rose in its mouth and shooting stars all around. You know, whatever. Different strokes for different folks.

Olive OPUS Nº5 Karim Rashid Editions [ohgizmo]

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