GumEase Numbs Gums For Dental Work

December 20, 2007


You toss this thing in the freezer for a half hour, jam it in your mouth, and in 2-3 minutes later you're good to go for (allegedly) pain free dental work. It works by freezing the nerves in your gums.

In patient tests the new gumEase diminished pain by 90% in 2 to 3 minutes for the average participant. Patients can apply them post-operatively as needed, and reuse without side effects by storing in a household freezer… Effective for fillings, extractions, crowns, root canals, cleaning, scraping, braces adjustment and other procedures.

Interesting, but I'll stick to the drugs. The last thing I need is for my gum-number to wear off when the dentist is drilling the hell out of a molar. Because I'd have to kill him. And I'd hate to do that, he's such a nice guy. He always gives me a sticker for being such a good patient. Although I question why he gassed me for my last routine checkup. And why I woke up with my pants unbuttoned. What the hell do I know though, I'm no dentist.

G100 GumEase - dental surgery without needles or pain? [redferret]

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