Playing Guitar Makes Lightsaber Thing Vibrate

December 14, 2007


Take a guitar, plug in a VOX AmPlug, and then attach an OhMiBod vibrator to that and what do you get? A vibrator that responds to what you play on the guitar! Cool. The Vox AmPlug is really just a little amp you can plug headphones into, it's the OhMiBod vibrator that makes all the magic happen (it will also plug into the headphone jack of an MP3 player, etc. and respond to that music as well). Talk about becoming a true Guitar Hero. Yeah buddy. Hook it all up, start jamming out on some Stairway To Heaven, and soon you're lucky lady will be in heaven. Or she'll break up with you and start dating a Stratocaster, which is what happened to me. Stupid vibrator-guitar combo, I hate you.

A funny video of the magic wand/lightsaber in action after the jump.

Guitar + Vox + OhMiBod [notcot]

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