Guitar Hero: Touchscreen & Magnetic Switch

December 3, 2007


Just last week I posted a guitar modded with an LCD screen, and now a modder that goes by Cyberpyrot has added a touchscreen and magnetic switch to a Guitar Hero III guitar. The touchscreen just shows whateve is on the TV, but since it takes up the space of the normal strum bar he added a magnetic switch under the body so that you play the bitch with a magnetic pick instead! You can also brush you fingers across the screen to control the whammy bar.

The mod took "about 3 days to make, and it wasn't really expensive: $108 for Guitar Hero III, $77 for the LCD, $44 for the touch panel and about $30 for miscellaneous items."

Next the dude wants to add optics to the system so it can play itself. And if there's one thing that's fun about video games it's watching them play themselves while you do jack-shit. Whee!

A couple more pictures after the jam session.



Guitar Hero III Guitar Modded with Magnetic Switch and Touch Screen [gizmodo]

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