Grandma DIY: Super Mario 1-UP Scarf

December 31, 2007


You know what would make 2008 a really kickass year? A shit-ton of extra lives -- and this scarf provides them. The 1-UP Mushroom Scarf is handmade by the seller UrbanPrincess on Etsy and measures 5 1/2 inches wide and over 6 feet long. They run $150 but are made to order, so you can get them in any color combo you want. You know, this whole Super Mario scarf selling seems to be a pretty lucrative business to be in. So if you'll excuse me I'm gonna head down to the retirement home and see if I can't get a bunch of grannies to crank these out for me. I'm going to threaten to kill them if they don't. That may sound extreme but you gotta be tough with the geriatrics or they won't do shit for you.

Custom Crocheted Super Mario Mushroom Scarf [ohgizmo]

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