Gömböc, The Self-Righting Piece Of Plastic

December 10, 2007


The Gömböc is “a mono-monostatic object, a three-dimensional thing that has only one way to stand up." No matter how you set it down it will wobble around until it comes to rest at its single point of stability. Pretty neat. Allegedly it's the world's first self-righting object with consistent density (Weebles don't count because of their weighted bottoms). You can get your hands on a plastic one like in the picture, but it'll run you a staggering $1,300 and change. More if you want one with a collectible serial number. I guess you're paying for all the R&D that went into the thing. However I'll sell you a signed 4 x 5" color glossy photo of myself for only $100. I too only have a single stable position – passed out on the Lay-Z-Boy with no shirt on, a hand down my pants, and a beer resting on my belly. Which is what the picture is of. I still have a bunch left over after sending out Christmas cards.

Note: If someone finds a good video of the thing in action that I can embed give me a holler, there's a couple video links off their website showing it, but they were lacking.

UPDATE: Video added after the jump (thanks Chaz). You can kind of see the thing rolling around on a table from a distance, but that's about it.

Gomboc: World's First Self-Righting Object [boingboing]

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