Galaga Quilt Keeps You Warm, 8-Bit Style

December 11, 2007


Can you tell I'm cold this morning? I am. All I can think about is stretching out on a bearskin rug with a lovely lady and getting under this quilt. Because bearskin rugs and 8-bit video game quilts were practically made for each other. This Galaga quilt measures 60 x 60" and is 100% cotton. It was made by CarolinaPatchworks and is available for $475. It reminds me of this Pac Man rug featured awhile ago, because of all the old school awesomeness. I've been quilting for years and I've never made anything half as cool. Oh you didn't know I quilted? Hell yeah I do, and I'm all man. All man you hear! To prove it I'll drink this whole bottle of bleach. *Glug, glug, glug* HA! Nothing to it. Now watch this mule kick me in the nuts, I won't even flinch.

Staying Toasty Warm with Galaga and a Good Book [uberreview]

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