Eyball Mini-Televisions Are Scary Looking

December 18, 2007


This conceptual Sony television was designed to excite all the senses instead of just vision. The idea is that you can hold the creepy little thing in your hand and since it's covered with fabric that'll do something to titillate the sense of touch (which it won’t). The audio would work its traditional magic on your ears, but there's nothing for the nose. What the hell? You've got a lot of nerve leaving out olfactory stimulation, Sony. That’s one of my favorites. I expected some new technology that created scents based on what was on television and then wafting them to your nose with a little fan. But noooooo, Sony is not that clever. Good thing I am. And good thing I just came out with a conceptual TV that excites all your senses. It does everything the Sony one does but mine rumbles at appropriate action on TV and has a smell maker. You steal that idea Sony and I'll sue the hell out of you. And by "sue the hell out of you" I mean send me a coupon for two 7-11 taquitos and a Slurpee and we'll call it even.

Sony Little TV Concept [boingboing]

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