Expensively Dim Lighting: The Dandelight

December 6, 2007


The Dandelight is a very cleverly named product. By combining the words 'dandelion' and 'light' you get 'dandelight', which, at no additional cost to you, contains the word 'delight'. I bet it took someone several sleepless nights to come up with that one. Anyway, each light consists of a 9v battery, some wire, a few LEDs, and a real dandelion head. They go for $99 a blow, so you may want to make this a little DIY project. While they do look neat, I just can't see having them around my apartment. Although I'm sure the girlfriend can. I'm sure she's thinking they'd go great next to the potpourri basket in the bathroom, or with the rose walls and floral bedspread in the bedroom. Oh god help me, I've grown a vagina.

Dandelights (Hold Your Breath) [ohgizmo]

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