Draw Your Own (Uncomfortable) Furniture

December 28, 2007


FRONT is an interactive system that motion captures the strokes you make when drawing in 3D space. It takes the information, processes it through a computer, and allows you to watch a video of what you were drawing while you did it, as well as send the data to a 3D molding machine to actually produce what you sketched. Pretty freaking neat idea, but as is evident from the questionable furniture in the picture, you need to be able to draw worth a shit to make something worthwhile. And who wants furniture anyways, I'd draw myself a damn car, or better yet, a woman. One that doesn't yell at me all the time. And isn't flat-chested. Good burn to the current girlfriend! Uh oh, here she comes. "No I'm not typing anything bad. No you can't see my laptop. Hey, give that back! Well it's true isn't it? I don't give you a hard time when you tell all your friends about my little nubbin do I? I WAS JUST TESTING -- YOU ACTUALLY TOLD THEM THAT!? I freaking hate you!"


Sketch Your Own Furniture with Interactive Motion Capture System [techeblog]

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