Disappearing Car Doors: Sure, Why Not?

December 20, 2007


We posted the 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII Rolling Door Concept back in July, and now there's a company out there that's working on bringing the technology to new cars. If you're not familiar, it's a system in which the door slides under the car when opened. Based on their website I'm a little skeptical, but you never know. They show the Mark VIII and some old truck, but nothing new. They claim they'll have a fully operational concept vehicle available shortly. So I wouldn't place an order until after then. And even then I don't know if I'd place an order. The door is what keeps all my McDonalds wrappers and other trash in the car. If the door disappears then it will all fall out. I'll just be sitting there in a pair of my girlfriend's lacy panties and people will think I'm a litterbug.

Very questionable promotional video after the jump.

Product Page

thanks to Robb, a man women find irresistable, for the tip

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