Corner Shot Weapon Shoots Around Corners

December 21, 2007


The Corner Shot is a gun that shoots around corners. Models start around $5,000.

The Corner Shot consists of a segmented, assault rifle-type folding stock, pistol-grip contraption, onto which is attached a pistol of choice and a compact, detachable color video camera. A lateral left and right swinging hinge mechanism and a remote trigger control allow the user to drop the hammer on targets from behind the safety and comfort of any right-angled structure.

They also make the unit in assault rifle and "personal" grenade launcher versions. Which is news to my ears, because I've been looking for an "around the corner" grenade launcher for sometime. Of course I'm going to have to modify the unit to shoot cheeseburgers. That way I can feed my wife from the hallway without fear of losing an arm.

UPDATE: A video of a "kitty corner shot" added after the jump, which is a stuffed cat on the end of a corner shot gun. Thanks to ck for the tip.

Video of the Israeli police force putting the thing to use after the friendly fire.

Corner Shot takes some guesswork out of urban warfare [crave]

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