Cigarette Lighter Flashlight For Your Car

December 4, 2007


The Spotlight Rechargeable LED Light ($15) is a little flashlight that charges in you car's 12 volt cigarette lighter. It's got a high output 0.5 watt LED, fully charges in 3 hours, and will last over an hour on a charge. Could be handy if you're hungry and remember there are probably some Wendy's fries under the seat. I'd get it for that purpose alone, because I'm tired of just randomly fishing around down there with my hand. Just yesterday I thought I had scored a fry but didn't realize it was a pencil until after I had swallowed it.

Note: The concept was apparently conceived on a piece of lined paper, which we all know is inferior to a bar napkin for ground breaking ideas, so purchase at your own risk.

Spotlight Rechargeable LED Light For Your Vehicle [coolestgadgets]

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