Chocolate Hard Drive Is Questionable

December 18, 2007


The Chocolate Portable Hard Drive was designed by Sang-Hoon Lee and was created to resemble a chocolate bar. This one just happens to be a white-chocolate bar that looks more like a keyboard-bar, but who cares, it doesn't even exist in the real world. Each piece of the unit is a modular flash drive and there's a touchscreen to organize your files onto the different drives. Why you'd need/want to be responsible for a bunch of tiny square flash drives is a mystery to me. I'd be losing those little guys left and right if I ever removed them from the base. That's why I had a flash drive installed in my penis, because I'll never lose it. Unfortunately I may have downloaded a virus last night from some floozy I met at the bar.

Chocolate Portable HDD [yankodesign]

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