Canned Air - For Huffers And Other Deviates

December 17, 2007


I love huffing model airplane glue as much as the next guy, but this product is ridiculous. Big Ox is canned oxygen that comes in flavors like Citrus Blast, Mountain Mint, Polar Rush, and Tropical Breeze. Each 3.5 gram can of "power oxygen" costs $9.99 and will guarantee you a seat in the principal's office if you bring it to school. I remember when oxygen bars were all the rage, and I never thought they were cool. And neither is someone hunched over on the bus with a bottle of Big Ox in their face. What is cool you ask? Doing whipits at the grocery store with the whip cream cans. Fun, free, and classy.

Canned Air - Not Just For Spaceballs Anymore [ohgizmo]

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