Bomb Piggy Bank Explodes If You Don't Save

December 17, 2007


Japanese toy maker TOMY released a piggy bank that explodes if you don't put coins in it on a daily basis. Once you put batteries in the annoying bastard it beeps on an hourly basis (read: not suitable for bedroom/anywhere indoors) to remind you to feed it. It costs about $27 and is a terrible idea unless you don't put batteries in it and really just want a bomb-shaped piggy bank. Then it's okay I guess. But let's be honest, who the hell saves money these days anyway? If for any reason I do have any unspent doubloons at the end of the week (rarely) I run straight to the strip club. Sure the dancers hate dimes and nickels, but they do pay attention to quarters -- but mostly just to make sure you're not winging them at their head anymore.

Big in Japan: Exploding piggy bank helps you save money [gadling]

thanks to Steven, who doesn't throw money at strippers, for the tip

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