Black Hole Bag Holds Stuff, Looks Funny

December 26, 2007


The Black Hole is a bag from Nodesign Studio that holds all your stuff. You just start cramming it all in there and the bag expands to meet your needs. "The unique material is super strong, light, and flexible yet it’s thin enough to leave impressions of what you have inside." So it's basically a Glad ForceFlex trash bag that you're not supposed to throw away. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m still getting one. But mostly because it looks like a you-know-what. And you do know what I mean don't you? An orange of course! Well the one on the left anyways, the one on the right looks like a freaking testicle. A testicle with a teddy bear and a bunch of feathers popping out. Yikes.

A Black Hole For All Your Crap [yankodesign]

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