Billboard Identity Crisis: May Be A Power Plant

December 5, 2007


This is a current billboard advertisement being run by Pacific Gas and Electric. The board generates 3.4Kw of electricity per day under optimal conditions (allegedly the amount used daily by a family of four), and sends it back to the grid. However at night it draws from the grid to power those bright-ass lights so you can see it. I for one am all about solar energy. I love it. I love the sun and I love solar energy. And I love that billboard. What I don't love is people who waste energy. Like when my girlfriend eats the last of the Pop Tarts before I wake up. She's stealing my energy. I need the energy stored in those things so I can blog. God knows she doesn't need it, she could run on stored fat for a the rest of her life Which is going to be cut short if I catch her in my Eggo stash.

Power-Generating Billboard From PG&E [ubergizmo]

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