Bike Has Infinite Number Of Gears, Cool!

December 14, 2007


'The Ride' is no ordinary bicycle. Nope, it's got a 'NuVinci' transmission that uses ball bearings and metal disks to create an infinite number of gears.

Twist a dial on the handlebar, and ball bearings in the bike’s NuVinci transmission tilt between two rotating metal discs. (Your pedaling turns one disc; the other transfers power to the rear wheel.) As the balls tilt, they touch the discs at varying angles. This changes how fast the wheel spins relative to your pedaling—slowly for low gear ratios, where pedaling is easy but the wheel doesn’t turn much, and quickly for high ratios. The balls can roll to almost any angle, giving you precise control over the bike’s torque (and your exertion).

It's called the NuVinci because da Vinci made a sketch of something similar back in the 1490's. The bikes are available now and cost $2,995 for a standard version and $3,995 for a Signature series. Note: the signature is not da Vinci's. I really want one of these bikes, and I dig their retro styling. I'm tired of my bike, it one has one gear. And only one tire too. Someone stole the other one when they took my seat. It hurts to sit on. :(

'The Ride' Bicycle Has An Infinite Number Of Gears (Thanks To da Vinci) [ohgizmo]

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