Batman Belt Lacks Batarangs, Everything Else

December 10, 2007


The Batman Belt Buckle is a device that keeps your pants at an appropriate height so you don't expose yourself to others. It costs $20. Unfortunately it lacks all the cool features that would make a Batman Belt cool. Like Batarangs or Bat-bolas. Good thing I read that before spending a hard earned Andrew Jackson, because I would have been pissed. The cheap bastards could have at least included a grappling hook. This whole affair is really making me question the legitimacy of the Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth I ordered from them. I think the crooked bastards may have just sent me a spray-painted bullwhip.

There's also an antique version available, in case you want more of a Steampunk Batman look. There's a picture of that one after the jump if you're having trouble imagining a brass version of the one above.


Raised Batman Belt Buckle [geekalerts]

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