Awesome Pizza Features Jedi Master Yoda

December 7, 2007


Some crazy Star Wars fan out there, one with way too many black olives, made a Yoda pizza. It looks pretty good. I'd eat it. I'd eat the hell out of it actually, because I'm starving. I was eating sauerkraut pierogies for lunch until I realized they taste like shit. Which they do. The dogs ate them though, but they like that taste. One is licking his ass even as I write this. Anways, Yoda pizza. Yeah, wish I had eaten that for lunch instead. As long as they didn't sneak any Yoda sausage in under the green peppers. The last thing I need right now is to bite into a shriveled Jedi Master's penis. I think I'd puke. Unless eating it gave me the force, in which case I would choke it down.

Look at me. Judge me by slice, do you? [neatorama]

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